Sobek was an ancient Egyptian god. His other Egyptian names were Sebek, Sochet, Sobk, and Sobki. In Greek his name was Suchos. Sobek was usually portrayed as a human with the crocodile head, because of his connection with the Nile crocodile. He is the god of the Nile, the Army, military, fertility and of crocodiles. His nature is very complex and fluid. His primary role, however, is as the protector of people from the dangers that the river Nile can bring. He was, by some of the stories, the creator of the world. Sobek's parents are Set/Khnum, and Neith and siblings are Apep, Ra, Thoth, Serket, and Hathor. His wife is Renenutet, the Goddess of Plenty. Ancient Egyptians believed that she is the bringer of good luck.

Picture Of Sobek

There are several Pyramid Texts of the Old Kingdom where Sobek is mentioned for the first time. In the spell 317, which praises the Pharaoh Unis, is written that he is the incarnation of crocodile god.

Origin of his name, Sobek, is the subject of discussion among scholars. Many of them believe that his name originated from the words Sbk or “to impregnate”.

Sobek gained much of his popularity during the period of the Middle Kingdom (2055 – 1650 BCE) and the rule of Amenemhat I, Twelfth Dynasty king, although he was worshiped in the Old Kingdom too. Amenemhat built a lot of temples, shrines, and other projects for Sobek’s promotion. During this time Sobek was often fused with the Horus, the falcon-headed god. After that, he gained, even more, admirers who gave him the biggest spot in the Egyptian pantheon.

Picture Of Sobek Kingship

Firstly, Sobek was a solar deity because of his relationship with Horus. After that, there was a fusion of sun god Ra and Sobek. The result of that fusion was Sobek-Ra. In the New Kingdom fusion of Sobek and Horus, Sobek-Horus existed until the Sobek-Ra gained prominence. Both Sobek and Sobek-Ra were the subject of religious doctrine and gained a lot of prominence during the period of Roman Egypt (332 BCE – 390 CE).

Center territory of Sobek’s influence and cult was Lake Moeris and also the whole Faiyum region of northern Egypt. The capital of the region was Crocodilopolis, how Greeks had named it. Sobek has a lot of localized versions of himself. Some of them are Sokonnokonni at Bacchias, Soknebtunis at Tebtunis and Souxei at the unknown territory. Ptolemy II made an effort to expand the main temple of Sobek. There were a lot of priests in these temples who were specialized in serving Sobek exclusively. "Prophet of the crocodile-gods" and "one who buries of the bodies of the crocodile-gods of the Land of the Lake" were some of the titles that those priests have. The other cultic center of Sober was Kom Ombo, in southern Egypt. It was built during the Greco-Roman period, and it was named “Per-Sobek”, which means “house of Sobek”. Sobek is one of three gods in the Triad of Kom Ombo.

Some believe that Sobek killed Isis while she was giving birth to Horus.