Picture Of Mermaid Of Warsaw 1599

Picture Of Mermaid Of Warsaw 1599


The coat of arms of Warsaw on the title page of a ledger of Old Warsaw in 1599.


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Mermaids Origin and Etymology

Origin of the mermaids can be found in the beliefs and religions of ancient human civilizations, more than three thousand years ago. Ever since then, mermaids received countless new additions that made them what they are today – celebrated mystical creatures of the sea.

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History of Mermaids

From the moment our first civilizations formed near the oceans and rivers, to the modern day when ancient myths are viewed as the source of entertainment and history, the myth of mermaids went through many changes and adaptations. Here you can find out more about history of these fascinating legendary creatures.

History of Sirens

The myth of Sirens was born in ancient Greece where they were viewed as the personification of desire, destruction and force of nature that stalked unsuspecting sailors and fisherman. As their tales became more and more engraved into their culture, art and literature, other European countries embraced the myth of sirens, combining them with mermaids.