Sirena - Legend of Sirena of Guam

Among the myths about mermaids and sirens, one story remains very prominently showcased and remembered in the modern society - tale of a lovely girl Sirena who was transformed into a mermaid in a curse. Originally introduced in the early days of Spanish colonization of Pacific (sometimes between 1565 and early 17th century), this tale remains one of the most treasured folklore stories of Guam and the countries that surrounds it. Even today, stories about the life of young Sirena are talked all across Guam, and the local sailors still believe that she sometimes visit their shores.

Picture Of Sand Mermaid

The story of Sirena starts in her young age while she lived care free life in the city of Agana (near the Minondo River) which was one of the first Spanish settlements in Pacific Ocean. One thing that she liked more than anything was swimming and she used all of her free time for swimming in the sea or Minondo River. One day her mother asked her to collect few coconuts so that their family can eat, but Sirena became distracted, and instead of finding food she spent entire day swimming in the river. At the end of the day Sirena's mother and grandmother went to look for her, and were astonished to find her playing and swimming in the sea. In a moment of anger, Sirena's mother turned to her and said "if you love to swim so much then be a fish!". In an instant, Sirena started felling strange and noticing changes in her body. Thankfully, Sirena's grandmother quickly interceded and added that she must remain half human, thus saving her life. After a transformation, Sirena was transformed into mermaid, whith the half part of her body turned into a fish. Seeing the results of her curse, Sirena's mother quickly regretted her words, but the damage was done. Sirena was now forever changed into a mermaid, and after a farewell she swam into the ocean never to be seen again by them.

To this day, sailors and people living in Guam are reporting the sightings of young Sirena, forever watching their shores and protecting them. Folklore stories are saying that Sirena will never appear willingly among the people, and that she can only be caught by net made from human hair.